Are you a Nervous Rider?

We have the solution!

How great would it feel to tack up your horse ready to ride, without those nagging feelings of anxiety, tension or fear? 

How good would life be if every time you rode, you felt relaxed, confident, calm, happy and at peace with your horse?

Boost your confidence in the saddle with our range of specialist hypnotherapy sessions for all disciplines, available as downloads to listen to whenever you need them. 

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Who are Confident Rider.

Written and recorded by Sharon Shinwell, a UK qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, horse lover and rider of over 40 years, the Confident Rider series is designed to boost confidence, stop nagging, negative thoughts and help overcome feelings of anxiety, panic, fear or tension for nervous horse riders.

Our sessions are specially tailored to the most popular equestrian disciplines including Hacking, Show Jumping, Dressage, Schooling  Roadwork and Cross Country, so whether you are having difficulties with staying calm during a dressage test or fighting off feelings of fear whilst jumping, we have a Hypnotherapy session that can help.

All our sessions are professionally recorded to the highest standard and much more affordable than face-to-face therapy, meaning they are always there when needed.


You can download your session and be on your way to becoming a Confident Rider within minutes.

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Confident Rider Series.

Does this sound like you?

I've lost my confidence, I feel so nervous and scared...I feel like giving up...what can I do to change things?

As a qualified face to face therapist, I have been asked this question many times, my answer, don't worry, there really is something you can do.

Through the use of Self-Hypnosis you will learn that you do have options;

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears and anxieties and stop all those "what if?" thoughts, that run through your mind, make you freeze, hold your breath or want to get off your horse.

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How does it work?

Hypnotherapy is the only therapeutic intervention that works by accessing the subconscious part of the mind.


This is where all our memories, life experiences and emotions are stored and where they can be changed to create long-term improvements by overcoming fears, anxieties and tensions and replacing them with confidence, calmness and feelings of well-being and positivity.

We recommend listening to the sessions daily for the first 5 days, then use again whenever you want, to boost the effects and release any anxieties or worries you may be experiencing.

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From Our Customers.

Sharon, thank you so much! 


Yesterday I enjoyed a hack for the first time in 4 years, actually I enjoyed sitting on a horse for the first time in 4 years! Your CD was a last ditch attempt to conquer my fears before I gave in and sold my horse as he was not getting the work he needed to keep him healthy and interested.


I lost my confidence on the horse I owned before Rowan and although he was a more sensible replacement I had never managed to overcome my irrational fears.I’m now looking forward to riding out this summer, I really didn’t believe I ever would. Thank You.

Tricia Mulrine

Qualified Practitioner

All recordings written and recorded by Sharon Shinwell, a UK qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Highest quality

All recordings mastered to the highest standard using the latest audio-recording technology.

All Downloads are Mobile Friendly​ and will be instantly received when ordered.

Medically Recognised

Hypnosis recordings for personal use have been tried and tested for many years and proven to be so beneficial that the UK National Health Service offers this form of self-help therapy to their patients.​​​