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My Story.

Sharon owned her own horses for 30 years and bred 3, so she knows only too well the highs and lows of looking after horses, riding them and competing with them. 

Sharon's inspiration for this website was her work with Nervous Horse Riders. Having talked to and worked with many riders on the verge of giving up, she realised that something needed to be done to stop this happening and it needed to be done sooner rather than later!

Due to Sharon's success in this area, she was approached by the publishing company, David & Charles to co-author the highly acclaimed book "Ride with Confidence"  which was forwarded by Kelly marks.

Sharon has a Diploma in Counselling. Diploma Hypno-Psychotherapy. Diploma Supervision. Diploma CBT and is a UK trained and qualified Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Life Coach, Supervisor, and Psychotherapist. 

Sharon specialises in Equestrian and Downhill Skiing Sports Psychotherapy; Counselling, supporting and helping riders and skiers to help themselves. Although now semi-retired from face-to-face therapy, Sharon is still adding to her range of Meditation and Relaxation Music Titles as well as promoting the use of Hypnotherapy for riders.

Sharon also produces a large range of non-equestrian Self-Hypnosis titles for Fears, Phobias,  Unwanted habits and addictions , Personal Development and Health and Well-Being and these can be found on her sister website HERE

A message from Sharon.

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