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Conquer Fear of Horse Riding: with the The Nervous Rider Action Plan


Does the thought of horses make you break a sweat instead of a smile? You're not alone. Many riders struggle with nerves, but we've got a plan to get you back in the saddle and become a more confident rider.

This isn't just another riding guide. Think of it as your personal toolbox filled with powerful techniques used by sports psychologists and hypnotherapists.


First, we'll tackle that nagging voice in your head. You know the one, turning everything into a worst-case scenario. Our self-help exercises will help you swap those negative thoughts for positive ones, refocusing your mind on achieving your riding goals.


Feeling tense? No problem. We'll show you a simple relaxation technique you can use anywhere, anytime, to calm those jitters. On top of that, you'll get a hypnotherapy session specifically designed to boost your horse-handling confidence, giving you an extra edge in the saddle.


The best part? These tools work beyond the stable. Use them in any situation to stay calm and positive throughout your life.


So, ditch the anxiety and rediscover the joy of riding! Let's get you feeling fantastic and back in control.


Here's what you'll get:

Self-help printable worksheets: Learn to challenge negative thinking patterns, set achievable goals, and build lasting positivity.

Cutting-edge relaxation methods: Discover simple techniques to calm your nerves and stay focused.

Powerful hypnotherapy session:  To give your horse-handling/riding confidence, an extra boost!

And as a bonus you will receive our Hacking with Confidence Hypnotherapy session valued at £12.95 (available on it's own) designed to reprogram your mind when your out on a hack.


Stop letting anxiety hold you back. Order your Nervous Rider Action Plan today and unlock a world of fearless exploration with your horse.

Don't wait - Seize the Reins!

The Confident Rider Nervous Rider Action Plan Download

  • Audio Tracks are as follows:
    Track 1:  An introduction

    Track 2:  Explains what Stress and Panic is and what causes the emotional, physiological and psychological changes you experience.

    Track 3: Explains how Hypnotherapy helps the nervous rider

    Track 4: Is the 5-Breath Relaxation Technique

    Track 5: A Self-Hypnosis Session for Riders.

    *NEW* Now inlcuded: 'Hacking with Confidence' Hypnotherapy Session Tracks 1 and 2


    Zipped Folder is as follows:

    This contains 22 documents in Microsoft Word format. These can be printed. 

    Instructions for use:
    The majority of the documents can be used in any order and are self- explanatory.

    The files in the CBT Folder are best used in alphabetical order. The 'Advanced Thought Record' form has instructions for use, read these before attempting to complete the record itself.

    Creating Confidence
    Diaphragmatic Breathing
    Making Changes - Part 1
    Making Changes - Part 2
    Mental Cleansing
    Daily Schedule
    Reframing ​

  • Hacking with Confidence has now been added to the Nervous Rider Action Plan. 

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