The Nervous Rider Action Plan

The Nervous Rider Action Plan combines a collection of Self-Help work-book exercises, a relaxation technique that can be performed at times of stress, a full Hypnotherapy Session to boost confidence riding and handling horses  and lots of useful information about Stress and Anxiety, that will help you understand why your body reacts as it does when you become fearful riding or handling horses. 

​The printable worksheets are in a separate zipped (compressed) folder. These written exercises are designed to help you challenge how you think, how you perceive your problems, how you deal with them and what changes need to be made to reach your goals.

They will also help you to focus on what your goals actually are, and whether or not they are achievable and if not, what compromises do you have to make to satisfy your desires and wants. The foundation stone for this kind of work is called Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which promotes healthy thinking styles, which in turn promotes healthy, positive emotions and productive behaviours and reactions; every negative emotion has a thought behind it, change your thoughts and you change your mood!

This Nervous Rider Action Plan will help you become a more informed, motivated, positive, confident rider with a relaxed, calm outlook, so that you and your horse can both fulfil your real potential.

The Nervous Rider Action Plan

  • Audio Tracks are as follows:
    Track 1:  An introduction

    Track 2:  Explains what Stress and Panic is and what causes the emotional, physiological and psychological changes you experience.

    Track 3: Explains how Hypnotherapy helps the nervous rider

     Track 4: Is the 5-Breath Relaxation Technique

    Track 5: A Self-Hypnosis Session for Riders

    Zipped Folder is as follows:


    This contains 22 documents in Microsoft Word format. These can be printed. 

    Instructions for use:
    The majority of the documents can be used in any order and are self- explanatory.

    The files in the CBT Folder are best used in alphabetical order. The 'Advanced Thought Record' form has instructions for use, read these before attempting to complete the record itself.

    Creating Confidence
    Diaphragmatic Breathing
    Making Changes - Part 1
    Making Changes - Part 2
    Mental Cleansing
    Daily Schedule
    Reframing ​

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