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Produced by Sharon Shinwell, co author of the book 'Ride With Confidence'. Specifically designed to overcome the anxieties and tension associated with producing a good dressage test when it matters most - in the competition arena in front of the judge!

Reproducing that supple, responsive, energetic performance you know you can achieve at home can be so difficult when you are in dressage competition environment.

As you enter at “A” your mind can goes blank, your body tenses up, you forget to breathe and you feel out of control. Dressage itself makes great demands on the rider to stay calm, relaxed, and focused whilst concentrating on sometimes complex patterns, movements and changes of pace; so much so that even taking a breath gets forgotten!

Conquer Dressage Anxiety with Hypnosis download: Ride your test with Confidence

  • You will be taken through an imaginary dressage test with all the things you are likely find in this environment, including the flowers and judges!

    The suggestions and ideas your subconscious mind is offered during this session, will establish a new way of thinking, and a new way feeling and new way of reacting. As you ride your test in your minds’ eye you learn how to remain relaxed, focused and calm, yet alert and in control. This will allow your horse to relax, move freely and engage their hind quarters.

    Post-Hypnotic suggestions help to maintain the feelings of calmness and control when in a wakeful state, so that that is no tension in the body when riding, therefore less energy is used and those subtle aids can be given without excessive movement of the body.​

    Because you can remain calm and relaxed you will notice that your memory is sharpened too and you are less likely to experience those nerve-racking blank movements!

    All this will give you and your horse the best possible chance to work as a unified team and come home with a winning score!

    Our specially produced sessions for nervous horse riders uses tried and tested sports psychology techniques. They will help to boost your confidence and overcome your feelings of anxiety, panic, fear and tension, no matter what the cause or how long the feelings have been around. All you have to do is lie back, listen and relax!

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