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Produced by Sharon Shinwell, co author of the book 'Ride With Confidence'. Specifically designed to help overcome a lack of confidence, negative thoughts and/or feelings of fear or apprehension when approaching and jumping various types of jumps and obstacles found on a Cross Country course

Whether you compete at affiliated level or just for fun at local level, approaching a solidly constructed jump, in less than perfect ground conditions can be a scary prospect. Perhaps you have just moved up from one level to another, and for the first time you are jumping obstacles you have not seen before, or you are already at quite a high standard and something has happened to shake your confidence, either way, this Hypnosis session will help you relax and stay calm as you approach and jump various obstacles that you may find on a cross country course. 


Employing Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery Techniques to help you control your feelings of anxiety, apprehension and negative self-talk and physical tension. This will enable you to focus on the various types of jumps, ditches, and course ahead, whilst remaining relaxed, calm, confident and positive. Giving you and your horse the best possible chance of success.

The Confident Rider Cross Country With Confidence Hypnosis Download

  • Incorporated into this session is a special technique called a 'physical trigger ' which you can use when riding to reaffirm a positive state of mind and boost your self-confidence.

    Our specially produced sessions for nervous horse riders uses tried and tested sports psychology techniques.  They will help to boost your confidence and overcome your feelings of anxiety, panic, fear and tension, no matter what the cause or how long the feelings have been around. All you have to do is lie back, listen and relax!

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