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The roads today are busier than ever and it can be a nerve-racking experience riding on them. Even if you just ride along a road for a short distance to get from one safer area to another, the dread of this can spoil the ride ahead.

Many riders have no alternative but to use the roads to exercise their horses during the winter months, or to help strengthen horse’s legs for the coming season, or you may be bringing a horse back into work following an illness and riding on soft ground isn’t an option. Whatever the reason, trying to avoid using busy roads could mean that your horse spends long periods of time stabled or out of work and this is far from ideal.

If you find that you are putting off riding because the roads or lanes you use have become “no go” areas and you are constantly worrying about meeting large vehicles or noisy motorbikes, paper bags on the roadside, dogs barking, or kids playing on skateboards etc, then this Confident Rider Roadwork session is for you.

The Confident Rider Roadwork With Confidence Hypnosis Download

  • ​This Hypnosis session helps you to look at riding on the roads in a more rational way, helping you to stay calm, relaxed and confident no matter where you are riding. Still being an observant rider but not letting things get out of proportion and quietening down those “disaster movies” that run in your head.  

    ​Once you have established this calmer more relaxed frame of mind you will also help your horse to remain calm.  Incorporated into this session is a physical trigger technique that helps to control feelings of anxiety, fear, worry and negative self-talk whilst out riding on busy roads; enabling you to ride out on roads, tracks and lanes with a more confident, positive frame of mind, feeling calm and relaxed.

    ​You can use this trigger as many times as you want to, reaffirming a positive state of mind and boosting your self-confidence.

    Our specially produced sessions for nervous horse riders uses tried and tested sports psychology techniques.  They will help to boost your confidence and overcome your feelings of anxiety, panic, fear and tension, no matter what the cause or how long the feelings have been around. All you have to do is lie back, listen and relax!

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