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Flatwork Schooling with Confidence produced by Sharon Shinwell, co author of the book 'Ride With Confidence'. Specifically designed to help overcome feelings of anxiety, tension, nervousness or apprehension when leading in-hand, schooling and riding your horse or pony in an indoor and outdoor arena.

At some time or other, you will probably want to ride or school your horse/pony in an outdoor or indoor school, and for some riders, this can be quite a nerve racking experience.


Most riders feel that as long as they are riding and working in an enclosed arena, with no apparent obstacles that can cause alarm or fear; like those found on busy roads, or in wide open spaces, they will feel safe, confident, and in control, but for some riders, even this seemingly safer option, can hold may fears and anxieties. The noise of the wind against the wall panels, spooky dark corners, reflections in mirrors, door openings and other horses and riders using the same space, can all add up to a very stressful situation.


Outdoor arenas can be just as stressful for some, if not more so, with the wind and rain to contend with, noises from cars, perhaps the movement of other animals behind hedges, or fencing,  maybe even a Farrier working nearby, and all those other activities that take place on an busy yard.

If this sounds like your situation, then this Self-Hypnosis session is for you.

Leading a horse in-hand can also present problems for the nervous handler, so this area has also been included in this self-hypnosis session.

The Confident Rider Flatwork Schooling With Confidence Hypnosis Download

  • Employing Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery Techniques to help you control feelings of anxiety, apprehension, and negative self-talk and physical tension; enabling you to remain relaxed, calm, confident and positive whilst leading, riding or schooling your horse/pony in any indoor or outdoor arena; making leading out, riding and schooling, the fun, productive time it should be, for you and your horse/pony.

    Our specially produced sessions for nervous horse riders uses tried and tested sports psychology techniques.  They will help to boost your confidence and overcome your feelings of anxiety, panic, fear and tension, no matter what the cause or how long the feelings have been around. All you have to do is lie back, listen and relax!

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