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Produced by Sharon Shinwell, co author of the book 'Ride With Confidence'. Hacking with Confidence hypnosis download for nervous riders, specifically designed to help alleviate the anxieties and stress which can manifest themselves in ways which are detrimental to your enjoyment of hacking out. ​​


The session includes background music at specific and relevant intervals. 


Hacking out should be a pleasure...

but sometimes, as a result of a bad experience like 'spooking' and 'shying' (especially when in traffic)or if your horse stumbles or slips, or if for some other reason you just don't seem to be the confident rider you once were, you can become so nervous about riding, that you will only hack out in company, or for short periods, or worst still, you avoid hacking out altogether.


How Hacking with Confidence can help:

You will be taken out on an imaginary hack out, employing Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery Techniques to help you control feelings of panic, anxiety, fear, and tension; enabling you and your horse to remain relaxed, calm and confident, when you both need it most. 

​Our specially produced sessions for nervous horse riders uses tried and tested sports psychology techniques. They will help to boost your confidence and overcome your feelings of anxiety, panic, fear and tension, no matter what the cause or how long the feelings have been around. All you have to do is lie back, listen and relax!


This title comes FREE with our Nervous Rider Action Plan.

Hacking with Confidence: Hypnosis Download for Nervous Riders

    • An introduction to Hypnotherapy.
    • This Hypnosis session starts with a wonderful relaxing process slowing down body and mind.
    • Deepening of the relaxation process opening up channels of communication with the subconscious mind.
    • Mind-altering visualisation and imagery to change thoughts, feelings attitudes towards hacking out in various situations.
    • Post-hypnotic tools for the future when back in a fully conscious state of mind feeling healthy, re-energised, confident and positive.
    • Relaxing re-entry to conscious world.
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