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Your Stories.


Below are a selection of stories and testimonials from happy customers that have used the Confident Rider series to overcome their feelings of fear and anxiety

Hi, Following a recent fall while out hacking and then my hacking partner’s horse being put to sleep I have lost confidence in hacking out and found excuses not to.
However I knew I had to for my horse’s sake as he loves it and was showing signs of boredom in the school.

I bought your CD Hacking with Confidence, listened to it 2 days ago and the following day one of the liveries on my yard invited me to hack out with her on her forward going XC warmblood (I’ve got a ploddy cob)for the first time. I said ‘yes’ without hesitation, went for a lovely hack today in gale force winds, contended with an injured pigeon flapping in front of us, things falling out of trees, branches snapping and a couple of minor spooks but stayed relaxed and in control. I came back buzzing and feel ready to go out solo!

So thanks for giving me back my mojo after just one listen. I’ll keep listening to reinforce the message and can’t wait to go out again in the lovely orchards that we’re so lucky to have access to here.

Kind regards  Sally


Sharon, Thank you so much. Yesterday I enjoyed a hack for the first time in 4 years, actually I enjoyed sitting on a horse for the first time in 4 years! Your CD was a last ditch attempt to conquer my fears before I gave in and sold my horse as he was not getting the work he needed to keep him healthy and interested. I lost my confidence on the horse I owned before Rowan and although he was a more sensible replacement I had never managed to overcome my irrational fears.

I’m now looking forward to riding out this summer, I really didn’t believe I ever would. Thank You.  


Tricia Mulrine

I have listened to the CD nearly every night now; it burnt beautifully, no trouble at all. I have been listening for about a week. I haven’t had a ride in that time, but I have had a remarkable result which I really wanted to share with you.  I suffer from chronic and severe lower back pain. I am also waiting for surgery on my knee. I haul myself out of bed every day and limp around for at least the first hour.


The first morning after listening to Hacking with Confidence, I woke up and almost jumped out of bed. I'm not joking, the difference was remarkable. I wondered if it was a coincidence, but it has continued each morning after listening to the CD before I go to sleep. If I don’t listen to it, I wake up in pain… this is a remarkable thing for me.


If it is you on the CD Sharon, you are very good at achieving deep relaxation and healing in the listener. I am an experienced meditator and I also do Reiki and other forms of healing (on horses and people). Your CD is helping me in a way I can’t help myself.   

S. Naidu

Hi, I bought your hacking with confidence cd some months ago. I have found it useful, I have been slowly building my confidence since a nasty accident in 2001 and, since listening to your cd, have suddenly made a surge forward. Having previously been very nervous in open spaces and wanting to ride in the smallest space I could find I now find myself thinking 'is this 5 acre field big enough to have a decent canter?' I am also taking myself out for little hacks and, just as your CD suggests, each time I ride my confidence improves.

I still have a way to go but I am taking it slowly. I listened to the CD every day for about a week and haven't felt the need since but when I need a boost. Many thanks,


Dear Alan, I have found the 'Here to Listen' Confident rider CDs very useful indeed. I used the CD as instructed for 7 days and then use it now and again when I feel a bit lacking in confidence. My nerves before riding or a competition are now much better. I did suffer from nausea on the morning of the events but have now got that under control. I can definitely put the success of that down to the cds and if needed will use it the night before.


Dear Friends at Confident Rider, two winters ago I had a series of falls that happened during my lessons.  Thankfully, I was not injured, but I began to develop a fear of riding.  My trainer is a very patient woman who does not push her students or belittle them if they express anxiety.  My fear of falling off and of trotting was keeping me from enjoying riding - something that should be fun!  I purchased the book Confident Rider at the saddle shop, read it through several times, then discovered your web site and CD series. 


I ordered the Confident Rider CD and began listening to it several times each week, and employing the techniques that I learned. The CD helped me to relax, to communicate with my horse and really begin to improve my riding skills. 

Thanks - I am grateful for this wonderful resource to help me learn to manage my fears. 
P.S. I am 53, and have not ridden since high school. Sincerely,  


Mara Krueger. Studium Doctrinae

Hi there, I have used the Jumping with Confidence and have to say, it was a last ditch attempt to get me jumping my mare again! Well its worked wonders and we have enjoyed many clear rounds this season and I am happy jumping! Things went a bit wrong this weekend, but I am getting married on Saturday and I wasn't concentrating on the job at hand, and although we got a double clear showjumping, we ended up with two stops in the working hunter. However, on my honeymoon I will listen to the MP3 again and get myself back on track! 


I would like to thank you for making these CD's as they have helped me no end with my jumping. My mare relies so much on the rider and if you are not with her or happy about jumping then she will put in a dirty stop (which is what dinted my confidence to start with). I had no issues on the flat, but put me near jumps and I would turn to jelly.


Now I am quite happy to jump round a course of fences. I have recommended them to other people to try and would still do so now! Thanks for making me a much more confident person jumping!! 


Vicki Malysz

The CD on building confidence in hacking transformed my life!  I had a very bad accident on a runaway horse when I was 20 years old, after many good experiences riding and showing my own horses. I was in college, and my father had sold my own mare, so I had no horse of my own available to assuage my subsequent fears. I attempted to ride horses in lesson settings throughout my twenties, but always afraid. I then had children, raised a family and continued to love horses, but thought riding was forever closed for me - in the past so to speak..."  "...I saw your advertisements and ordered a CD.


I listened to it regularly and signed up for equestrian lessons at our university. It took a while, but I can tell you, I have been to 4 week-long intensive equestrian schools since then, and next year when I graduate I am planning to buy my own horse and show once again. I no longer see it as something that is closed to me . Thank you


Name withheld 

I would happily recommend the confident rider series. I have used a couple of the CD’s myself and often recommended them to my clients. On Sunday I went to the Breamore Long Distance Ride with a client of mine. She told me that she had listened to your CD the night before and that for once she hadn’t been sick with nerves before she set out in the morning. We completed the 26km pleasure ride in under three hours and it was a real pleasure for both of us”

Sarah Weston,

Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship.

Hi, I thought the CD was very good, I felt very relaxed and if I was able to listen to it regularly I am sure I would have got a lot of benefit from it, especially as my tb mare can read my mind!! and some the problems we have are caused by my tension and worry of what if this or that happens.


Name withheld

Hi, I have three of your CDs already.  I am anxiously awaiting the new CD "Flatwork Schooling with Confidence.


M. Warren

Hello Sharon, I already have your wonderful recording on Hacking with Confidence and it has got me back on a horse and out in the countryside again. Previous to listening to the MP3 I would cry myself to sleep worrying about the next day's ride. Thanks for that.


K Richards

Well, something has changed!!!  I think it was well worth all the worry purely to prove to myself that I do not think I have EVER been relaxed in my life!
I got on Flynn the day after your session and just felt completely different. It was almost as if Flynn relaxed and said "oh good my nice mum has come back to me". I even walked up to the end of the lane - on my own - and back again. Not quite ventured off the farm yet, but give us time. I have been on him every day since. Each week I am setting myself a new goal until we get to the point were fear comes back, hopefully that is a long way off!
But I am pleased with just the way we are feeling at the moment. I haven't felt the need to use the CD yet but have rigged up my CD player in my bedroom so it's ready when necessary.
So thanks so much. I won't email you every time we achieve something but I will keep in touch.
Thanks, Jane.  (I may think of this for other areas of life that need changing - ie EXAMS!!!)


Jane Baker

Roadwork with Confidence: Just a note to say that I loved this and its really helped me, my horse and I enjoyed hacks on Saturday and Sunday this weekend on our own and the hypnotism helped me give him the confidence in me he needed so many thanks.


Louise and Murphy

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