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Frequently Asked Questions.

**Note to Apple iphone users**

Please install the FREE 'Files' app from the Apple Appstore to easily play MP3 files

from a phone without the need for iTunes or connecting to a computer - you can find it using the link below


Digital Download Troubleshooting

​Can't see your download email?​

All our downloads are sent out automatically on payment. If your download doesn’t arrive please check your spam filter settings and your spam/junk mail inbox. Your download will be sent to the PayPal email address you used to make the purchase, check there and make sure this is up to date and active.

Opening the files:


All our mp3 files and any documents (contained within a Zipped Folder) can be downloaded to media-playing devices – just follow the manufacturer’s instructions of your device. We cannot offer support for individual devices as there are just too many! They will download to all PC’s, Laptops and Android devices directly from the email link. But you must "unpack" unpack the contents to access them.

Save the files to a location of your choice for future use, if you just open the files in the email they may just play and not be saved.

Why are the files Zipped?


We send the files in a Zipped Folder (compressed) because this is the fastest way to transfer large amounts of data. If you are using a ‘windows’ PC, you will already have a programme on your computer that will 'unzip' folders.  If you're using an Apple device, check out online how to 'unzip a folder on an Apple device' using Google Search or YouTube.

Remember to transfer the files if you use a new device and store them somewhere safe. 


As previously, stated we cannot offer technical support for your particular device and how it handles downloaded files as there are so many and their operating systems constantly update.

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