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Are you a Nervous Rider?

We have the solution!

Can you imagine the perfect ride, free from anxiety, tension, and fear?


Imagine a life where every ride is a joyful, relaxed experience, and you exude confidence and serenity alongside your horse.

Our specialized hypnotherapy sessions can turn this vision into reality. These tailor-made sessions, suitable for all equestrian disciplines, are easily downloadable as audio files, accessible on any device whenever you need them. Priced at just £12.95, they could become the most invaluable tool in your equestrian journey.

Ready to boost your confidence in the saddle and truly savor horse riding? Try our hypnotherapy sessions today and unlock the incredible potential of your mind. Your path to anxiety-free riding starts right here on our website.

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New content added all the time. Our aim is to help you to become the best owner and rider you can be.

Ready to Ride

Who are Confident Rider.

Do you want to become a confident horse rider and overcome any feelings of anxiety or fear? Look no further than the Confident Rider series, created by Sharon Shinwell - a UK qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and experienced horse rider of over 30 years.

Our tailored sessions cater to popular equestrian disciplines such as Hacking, Show Jumping, Dressage, Schooling Roadwork, and Cross Country. So, whether you struggle to stay calm during a dressage test or battle with fear while jumping, we have a Hypnotherapy session that can help you reach your goals.

Our professionally recorded sessions are of the highest standard and are more affordable than traditional face-to-face therapy. You can easily download them and start on your journey to becoming a confident rider within minutes. Say goodbye to negative thoughts and nagging doubts - try Confident Rider today!

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Confident Rider Series.

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Does this sound like you?

Are you struggling with a loss of confidence, feeling nervous, scared, or even considering giving up? As a qualified face-to-face therapist, I have heard this question many times, and I'm here to reassure you that there is something you can do.

With the help of self-hypnosis, you can gain a better understanding of your options and take control of your emotions.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears and anxieties, and quiet the negative "what if?" thoughts that can make you freeze, hold your breath, or feel like you want to get off your horse.

Don't let fear and doubt hold you back from enjoying horse riding. Give self-hypnosis a try and regain your confidence today!

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How does it work?

Curious about how hypnotherapy works? It is the only therapeutic intervention that can access the subconscious mind, where our memories, experiences, and emotions are stored.


By tapping into this part of the mind, we can make long-term improvements by replacing fears, anxieties, and tensions with confidence, calmness, and positivity.

To experience the full benefits, we recommend listening to our sessions daily for the first 5 days. After that, you can use them as needed to maintain the positive effects and release any anxieties or worries you may be experiencing.


Take control of your mental state and achieve lasting change with our powerful hypnotherapy sessions.

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From Our Customers.

Sharon, thank you so much! 


Yesterday I enjoyed a hack for the first time in 4 years, actually I enjoyed sitting on a horse for the first time in 4 years! Your CD was a last ditch attempt to conquer my fears before I gave in and sold my horse as he was not getting the work he needed to keep him healthy and interested.


I lost my confidence on the horse I owned before Rowan and although he was a more sensible replacement I had never managed to overcome my irrational fears.I’m now looking forward to riding out this summer, I really didn’t believe I ever would. Thank You.

Tricia Mulrine

Qualified Practitioner

All recordings written and recorded by Sharon Shinwell, a UK qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Highest quality

All recordings mastered to the highest standard using the latest audio-recording technology.

All Downloads are Mobile Friendly​ and will be instantly received when ordered.

Medically Recognised

Hypnosis recordings for personal use have been tried and tested for many years and proven to be so beneficial that the UK National Health Service offers this form of self-help therapy to their patients.​​​

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