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How to plan a UK Horse Riding Holiday.

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Planning a Riding Holiday in the UK.

Next years summer holidays may seem a long way off but beware, this type of holiday gets booked up very early so plan well ahead to avoid disappointment.

Organizing a horse riding holiday in the UK can be a fun and exciting experience. Here are some steps you can follow to plan your trip:

Choose a destination:

The UK is home to some beautiful landscapes and scenic trails, so first decide where you would like to go for your horse riding holiday. Some popular options include the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District, and the New Forest.

Find a reputable horse riding tour operator: Look for a tour operator that offers horse riding holidays in the UK and has a good reputation. You can search online for reviews and ask for recommendations from friends who have gone on horse riding holidays in the past.

Choose the type of horse riding holiday:

Decide whether you want to go on a guided trail ride, a full-day ride, or a multi-day ride. Guided trail rides are ideal for beginners, while full-day and multi-day rides are more suitable for experienced riders.

Consider the level of difficulty:

Choose a horse riding holiday that is appropriate for your skill level. Some tours may be more challenging than others, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully and ask the tour operator if you have any questions.

Book your trip:

Once you have decided on a tour operator and the type of horse riding holiday you want to go on, you can book your trip online or over the phone. Be sure to confirm the details of your trip, including the dates, the itinerary, and the cost.

Prepare for your trip:

Before you go on your horse riding holiday, make sure you have all the necessary gear, such as a helmet, riding boots, and appropriate clothing. You should also plan your travel arrangements and accommodations, and make sure you have enough time to relax and enjoy yourself on your trip.

Taking your own horse on a Riding Holiday in the U.K.

If you want to take your own horse on a horse riding holiday in the UK, you will need to do some additional planning and preparation. Here are some steps you can follow to make sure your trip goes smoothly: Once you have chosen your destination, look for a stable or equestrian centre that offers boarding services for horses. You will need to find a facility that is close to your planned route and has suitable accommodation for your horse. Next, you will need to book accommodations for yourself and your horse. Some stables and equestrian centres may offer on-site accommodation, or you can look for nearby hotels or vacation rentals that allow horses.

Plan your route.

Before you go on your horse riding holiday, it's important to plan your route and map out the trails you want to follow. You can use online resources or ask the local equestrian centre for recommendations on the best trails in the area.

Prepare your horse.

Make sure your horse is in good health and condition before you go on your trip. You should take your horse for several practice rides to prepare for the longer distances and varied terrain of a horse riding holiday.

Pack your gear:

Don't forget to pack all the necessary gear for yourself and your horse, such as saddles, bridles, helmets, and appropriate clothing. You may also want to bring extra feed and hay for your horse, as well as any medications or first-aid supplies in case of emergency. Take a note of veterinary practices in the area in case of emergency and check that your insurance covers you away from home. Overall, taking your own horse on a horse riding holiday in the UK can be a rewarding experience. Just be sure to plan ahead and prepare carefully to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for both you and your horse.


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